I make saying goodbye seem simple

Blowing away like leaves in the wind

In and out I continue to float

Avoiding the beginning because I’m afraid of the end

The rain allows me to hide my tears

Dreams are muted by the screams of reality

Impossible for me to take advantage of life

Afraid to live for fear of mortality

You gave me a reason to feel again

To experience a feeling unknown

You helped me realize what love can be

And in turn, I refused to hold on

Atonement is impossible to attain now

Forgiveness can never be attained

All I can do is express my regret

And admit that my feelings still remain

For a moment in time it was different

Everything tasted so sweet

Now when I try to enjoy my surroundings

It only causes me to weep

I cant pretend that I know what I want

But I know that, somehow, I need you

But instead of telling you, again I blow away

What else am I going to do?


About Jamaal

Sporadic writer, avid reader, and lover of all things cinema. View all posts by Jamaal

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